WebCenter Success Story: Dan DeLong

For those that don’t know, WebCenters is a division of Market America that provides a complete digital marketing and web solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. WebCenters offers a suite of B2B services covering everything that a small business would want to increase traffic to their website, as well as their physical location. WebCenter Owners have access to leverage all of these services from day 1.

WebCenters has afforded me the opportunity to “Learn as I Earn.” I don’t have to know everything. As time goes on, and I become more familiar with the platform, I can keep the areas I am comfortable with and still leverage the teams of professionals to handle things I am still learning, or not at all. That is the beauty of this relationship, the choice is up to me. I don’t have to be an expert, I just need to know where to go to find the answer, which is usually as simple as a phone call or chat. This affords other people the opportunity to add this division into their existing business to leverage this powerful and lucrative revenue stream.

My first job out of college was for a water treatment company. My job was to canvass neighborhoods, going door-to-door in the summer in Phoenix, AZ to collect water samples. I would then qualify the samples, test the water, and then hand off to the appointment department who would call them and book an appointment for the sales team. My scope of work was to find the right people, to weed out the renters, people who already treated their water, or the people just not interested. That is precisely what I’m doing with my relationship with WebCenters. I am merely qualifying their needs and then handing that off to the right team of professionals. The sales, design, marketing, and customer care teams are already established. I’m simply “collecting the water samples” and then leveraging the pros to handle the rest.

In June of 2018, there was training on WebCenters in Phoenix. I took the training to see what this division was all about, and it immediately spoke to me as a great division to get into. My plan was to get started after the Greensboro convention. As fate would have it, they were offering a free activation to maWebCenters promotion, just like they are now. If you are thinking to get into this division, now is a great time because the cost to get started is eliminated.

So now what?? What’s next?? Once you activate your WebCenter, you can register for the Level-Up contest which will provide you with weekly training, accountability partners, and incentives to get you off on the right foot

For me, this division aligns with my passions and current network of people. I worked in the Accountant division of a tech company for over a decade and am very excited to expand my business with the WebCenter Pro Partnership. The internship program is also a fantastic way to duplicate and expand your business providing a risk-free way for someone to launch themselves into this division.

So you may ask yourself, “Where does that highway go to?” There is is no way of knowing unless you get in the car and start the engine. If you don’t try, life will be “Same as it ever was.”

-Dan Delong, WebCenter Pro

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