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Paddle 2 Paradise   Home copyWe truly consider ourselves as a partnership with our clients and strive to give the best support possible.  We know you’re busy and your time is valuable which is why we like to offer simplicity!  Take a look at this message from Gina Vincent, owner of :


I am a new business owner who needed an awesome website. I hired a local guy here in Charlotte, NC to provide me with an image-rich site that brought visitors enthusiastically to book/pay for a Stand Up Paddleboard excursión and/or clothing.

After seeing a beautiful demo I hired and paid the local guy. Unfortunately, I paid him in full. After missing the set goal date by 2+ weeks the local guy turned over a site that had a photo gallery with 6 pictures per page and more white space than photos, the ability to pay for ítems but not book a specific date or time for the excursión.

Needless to say I was dumbfounded and distraught.

My 12yr old son wanted to help and quickly dialed your tech support. My head was throbbing and I had no patience to work on this at that point.

David Arellano answered my son’s call and quickly started helping my son correct the many problems. We were told that we could not sell 1 style t-shirt in multiple colors with multiple sizes because “we wanted to attach the inventory to each size and color.” THIS SEEMED ABSURD TO ME. David explained to my son that what I wanted was easily posible. David quickly reviewed from the back end the clothing store (e-commerce) and saw that someone spent hours entering incomplete data INCORRECTLY.

As I overheard David’s polite, patient voice take the time to figure out and explain how to start from scratch to enter the information more simply, easily and CONFIGURABLE I was moved to sit at the table and listen in on the call.

Kudos to David! He took an unfortunate, uncomfortable situation for our new small business and with patience, knowledge and understanding guided us to a clothing internet shop EXACTLY the way I had envisioned – NEAT, CLEAN, EASY to SHOP!

The local guy turned over 19 items splattered incorrectly sorted over 2 pages. At 2am after I re-entered all my info completely and correctly, I had a finished product of 8 items on 1 page. Someone in pj’s at 11pm at night after a long day of work and family could easily buy everyone in her family a t-shirt from my site. That’s what I was looking for.

I wanted you to know how impressed I was with David. Sometimes we forget to thank those awesome people on our teams. I just wanted to commend David on his ability to explain, his expertise of his product and his patience to work with me as I was distraught.

I have since worked with some other outstanding folks on all the other messes the local guy left me with. I forgot to get their last names but would like to say kudos to: Holly, Starla, and I think the last lady I spoke with regarding billing may have been Beth or Betty. I didn’t write her name. EVERY TIME, I have reached out to the support number your folks are highly trained, personable, patient and kind.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! YOUR STAFF ROCKS! (Don’t believe me? Click the hyperlink below to see for yourself.) This is what I expected the local guy to turn over since that was what he had shown me as an example. I get the feeling he doesn’t know your product and didn’t call the tech support to learn how to set-up the photo gallery, e-commerce or the scheduler which I am still working on.


Gina Vincent
Cruise Director 980-349-5727

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