Preparing For 2019: Creating Goal Statements

With 2018 near completion, it’s time to start thinking about and preparing for 2019. Take the rest of 2018 to reflect on the previous year. What did you like? What did you dislike? Was there anything you would’ve done differently?

This period of reflection is important when it comes time to creating a goal statement for 2019. A goal statement is a list of all the tasks and accomplishments that you would like to achieve in a time frame. The goals can revolve around both personal and business achievements. For our case, the time frame is 2019. Creating a goal statement will keep you motivated, focused, and put you on the right track towards completion.

Here are a few tips for setting goal statements.

1. Review 2018

Before you can move on to 2019, one must review 2018. How many goals did you accomplish? How many goals were never completed? Can any uncompleted goals go into 2019? Take care of the past before you can move into the present.

2. Write It Down

It sounds so simple, but writing down your goals is the first step of any goal statement. You can physically write it down on paper or electronically on your phone or computer. By writing down your goals, it will give you something to reference throughout the year. Write your goals into existence.

3. Make A Plan

After your goals have been written down, it’s time to make a plan. How will you complete your goals? Do you need supplies? How taxing will it be on both your physical and mental health? Create a plan and stick to it.

4. Record Your Progress

Throughout the year, track your progress. Are you on schedule? Do you need to pick it up a bit? Create checkpoints for each goal in order to facilitate progress.

What are your goals for 2019? Leave your thoughts in the replies!

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