Support Local Business On Small Business Saturday

On Saturday, Nov. 23, the United States will celebrate Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday celebrates small and local businesses and encourages shoppers to support these establishments. Small Business Saturday was created to counteract Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which spotlight big retail stores and online shopping.

Our WebCenter team know how much small businesses matter to each community. These small business are typically run by members of your town or city so supporting them means supporting your own community. Because of this local support, small businesses rely on strong relationships with its customers and goes beyond profits and wages. Every customer is like a family member and should be treated that way.

These beliefs of local support, community, and strong customer relationships are all values that are preached at WebCenters. We believe in strong relationships with our customers because we are all small business owners. We have to support each other in order to succeed as a business community.

Make sure to get out in your community on Saturday and support local business on Small Business Saturday!


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