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We here at maWebCenters strive to provide the most comprehensive digital marketing solution available today. We feel our editing platform and support are second to none. Some of our competitors may claim their platforms are easy to use.  Maybe but easy isn’t better.  Easy = limited functionality.   So, unfortunately, those platforms are also very limited in functionality. The limitations of those platforms and their poor support are what sets us apart from our myriad competitors in this crowded space. No one can compare to the combined ease of use and overall robustness of our solution.

That doesn’t mean we can rest. Oh no, we don’t rest. We have energy drinks on an IV drip most days. We want to always ensure you have the best tools at your disposal, so you rest assured that your hard earned dollars are working for you and your business. That’s why we spend so many sleepless nights sprinkling magic unicorn server dust on your solution.  OK, maybe that magic unicorn server dust line was a bit of hyperbole but you get the point. We work HARD to constantly keep your solution on the bleeding edge and now is the perfect time to introduce you to some of the coolest stuff we have been working on.

Oh yeah, I neglected to mention that all of the amazing system enhancements mentioned below are being added to your platform automatically and FREE of charge. Some may have a 3rd party cost but we do not participate in that at all. The fees go to the 3rd party for the service they are providing.

I’ll break them up into two easily digestible sections, eCommerce and non-eCommerce related:

New eCommerce features to help your business grow

New eCommerce features to help your business grow.

eCommerce Manager – New dashboard that enables you to activate a slew of new and helpful features of our robust eCommerce platform. – Released 09.20.2017

CashOnDelivery – Allows you to tack on an additional fee for COD shipments. – Released 09.20.2017

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery

Zopim Live Chat – Enables you to live chat with your shoppers, helping to convert browsers into buyers. – Released 09.20.2017

Activated Newsletters – Offer a special coupon to shoppers that register for your newsletter, enabling you to increase share of wallet. – Released 09.20.2017

Activated-Newsletter – Facilitates a seamless connection between our system and for postage processing. – Released 09.20.2017
M2EPro (Channel Sales) – Allows you to synchronize your for-sale items across multiple sales channels, including eBay, Amazon and Rakuten. – Released 09.20.2017

Channel Sales


WebEngage – Enables you to set up surveys and receive notifications from your customers. – Released 09.20.2017


AlsoViewed – Makes your store more intelligent by automatically giving customers recommendations on product pages based on similar products customers have viewed. – Released 09.20.2017

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AddShoppers – A way to grow your customer base by attracting them through social media. – Released 09.20.2017

Affiliate – A way to set up and manage affiliate relationships and commissions. – Released 09.20.2017


Catalog Zoom – Enables “hover to zoom” and “click to enlarge” views of product images. – Released 09.20.2017

Catalog Zoom

AfterShip – Integration with AfterShip for tracking of shipment and delivery status. Supports tracking of UPS, DHL, FedEx and others. – Released 09.20.2017


ShipStation – Integration with ShipStation for creation of carrier labels and packing slips in batches for USPS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and others. – Coming soon


360 Product Images – Take images of products from different angles and the software will stitch them together for compelling 360 degree views of the products. – Released 09.20.2017

360 Product Images
AllPay/ECPay Convenience Store Logistics – Enables you to ship orders to convenience stores in Taiwan. – Released 09.20.2017


AllPay/ECPay Payment Methods – Support for AllPay payment services for the Taiwan market. – Released 09.20.2017

O'Pay - ECPay Payment Method Options

AllPay eInvoice – Enables Taiwan stores to provide electronic versions of government uniform invoices. – Released 09.20.2017

O'Pay e-Invoice service

O’Pay e-Invoice service

We all know eCommerce is where the money is made but don’t sleep on the importance of these amazing new non-eCommerce features:

Font Awesome Icons – Ability to add over 600+ icons to your site. Great for icons on bullet points, section headers, etc. –  Released 03.26.2018

Font Awesome

Lightbox – Any link within your site you wish to showcase (image, page, PDF, video, etc.) can be set to open in a nice, tidy lightbox. -Released 03.26.2018


Lightbox Page

Lightbox Page


Lightbox PDF

Lightbox PDF


Lightbox Video

Lightbox Video


Optimization – Our system is being optimized to run faster and meet Google standards for mobile friendliness. -Released 03.26.2018


Google Analytics – We’re adding a super simple way for you to add Google Analytics to your site. Just add your Google Analytics ID to our system and we’ll handle the insertion of Google Analytics code in its required location. – Released 09.20.2017

Google Analytics

Website Effects Enhancements
– We’re adding options to replay effects and delay effect start times. – Released 09.20.2017

Replay & Delay Effects


Rich Text Editor: Mouse over and Mouse out Options – When a user mouses over (or mouses out of) an image, you can specify that an alternative image be displayed. – Released 09.20.2017

Mouse over

Copy & Paste Properties From and To a Specific View – This feature will be very useful in speeding up making certain parts of your site have the same properties as another.  The example below illustrates how you can copy the properties of the hamburger menu in the mobile view and paste them to the standard menu in the tablet view.  Thus, giving the tablet menu the same appearance as the mobile hamburger menu. – Released 09.20.2017

Copy Paste To From Specific View

Facebook Product Catalog – Ability for you to display eCommerce product categories on your Facebook page. – Released 09.20.2017

Sell On Facebook

Calendar Manager: Events – Name and Description fields will have full Rich Text Editor capabilities. So you can customize the exact look you want for your Calendar Events. – Released 09.20.2017

Calendar Event RTE

Merge and Dedupe Contacts – We’re enhancing the contact import process to work better with foreign contact data. We are also including the ability to determine if there are duplicates in your contact list and provide a method to merge contacts. – Released 03.26.2018

Merge Contacts

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  1. Tony Genova says:

    That is a big list of Great Improvements.

  2. Tony Genova says:

    That is a big list of Great Improvements. Certainly an over delivered service for customers.

  3. Mark says:

    These all are the great features.

  4. Mark Li says:

    quite good for the features such as Catalog Zoom and Facebook Product Catalog .

    Hope more payments gateway can be used, such as Wechat, Alipay etc.

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