3 Ways Pokémon Go can help your business!

 169 Millions of adults and kids are out roaming the streets, playing Pokémon Go!  The game turns the real world into a virtual playground.  As you move about the real world, using your phone’s camera, the app displays Pokémon and other items for you to catch while prompting you to go to specific locations.

Why not lure customers to your store by leveraging Pokémon Go?!  Before you can do this, you need to understand a few fundamentals for how the game works and what makes people want to “stop in” a specific location?

Places where players go to grab Poké Balls, potions, berries and revives.  Places can be buildings, landmarks, businesses etc.
Places where players go to battle their Pokémon to win control of that location.  Because the battle for control over that location is ongoing, it attracts visitors to come back multiple times per day/week etc.

  1. Host a 30-minute Lure Event
    Want to drive traffic to your business during a specific time?  Host a Lure Event!  These events can be purchased for just a few bucks to lure wild Pokémon and therefore avid Pokémon players to your business if it’s on or near a PokéStop.  You can extend the time (in 30 minute increments).  Lure Tip: Offer special discounts or items during your event.  Let people know in advance that you will be hosting the event and/or let the game do the promoting for you.
  2. Offer “Gym Leader” Deals
    If your business is near a Gym, offer deals to the “Gym Leaders of the Day”.  Choose a day (or maybe you offer it every Friday) that you will be hosting a “Gym Battle Tournament”.  On those days, players and their teams will flock to the gym to battle.  Whichever player wins the battle that day will win a special deal that you are offering! Gym Battle Tip: Have a strategic cutoff time for determining the winner of your battle.   For example: If you own a pizza shop and want to have people flocking to your business around 5:00 p.m., you would say “Whoever is Gym Leader by 5:00 p.m. wins 50% off any pizza”.  As an added bonus, that Gym Leader will most likely by surrounded by their actual team members as well as rival teams who are likely to do business with you as well!
  3. Pokémon Go Social Media Contest
    Want to increase  your visibility on Social Media while increasing traffic to your store?  Run a contest and incentivize people to share their screenshots of them playing Pokémon Go at your business! Tips: Pick a start and end date.  In order for them to screenshot themselves playing at your establishment, they have to GO to your establishment. (So people have to visit your store to participate!). This could be especially effective if coupled with a Lure Event or Battle Tournament.
By: Sarah Rose Stack
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  1. Randy Cantin says:

    Cool idea thanks.
    I played once in my yard and thought it might not be for me. I might have to rethink this Pokemon GO thing.

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