Full Site Encryption Now Live

We’ve recently launched a new feature for our website clients to make sites even more secure.

Full Site Encryption using Let’s Encrypt –

The update will secure all pages of the website.  Old websites will have the option to secure the site or keep it as is.
To secure an old site you must go to Website > Tools > Website Settings.  Click edit; locate the options “Secure Entire Website” and set it to Yes, This will trigger a full site publish.  You must publish the site and it will take 12-24 hours before it becomes secure.  If they have an old site and they want to unsecure the site they must repeat the process but make sure its set to “no”.

NOTE: Any new website accounts moving forward will automatically be secured and they will not have the option to unsecure the site. The new rollout eliminates the s.reseller.com URLs everywhere in the system, including the login page.  So if your login bookmark goes to a s.ivenue.com URL, it will no longer work.  You’ll need to update your bookmarks to https://w.ivenue.com/login/


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