System Maintenance and Upgrades March 4, 2019 繁體中

Please be advised that the system will be taken offline for maintenance Monday, March 4, 2019, at 3:00am PDT.  We anticipate approximately 1 hour of downtime for your site.  All systems will promptly return to normal functionality as soon as this brief maintenance is complete.

Here’s a list of updates in this release.  There’s more than mentioned, but they are minor, thus not big enough to mention below:

  1. The editor has been upgraded to use jQuery 3.3.1 from 1.11.1.
  1. Sites set to use jQuery 1.7 on the live site have been changed to 1.11.1
  1. Our new Help Guide will be released!  You can locate it within the editor “Help for this Page” or through our main site under “Help” in the upper right.
  1. Three new responsive design layouts have been added, Business 7-9
  2. The JS Tree used in the Main Menu, Menu Widgets, and Form Widgets has been updated to a new version.  Functionality is the same
  3. Properties has a new version of the color picker (for text, background, etc colors)
  4. Values like width/height/etc now can use Vmin and Vmax as units, which are similar to vh and vw.
  5. Values like width/height/etc now have an option for Custom value where you can use the CSS calc() option.  For example, this allows you to enter a value for width like (100% – 10px), so the width would be 10px less than 100%.  See details on how to use calc
  6. Menu Display options will no longer show pages set to Disabled.
  7. Fixed a bug where properties changes would not apply to widgets added after the most recent page save.
  8. Properties for eCommerce now default to Default status rather than Hover.
  9. Slideshow Area widget now uses the image cache for new slides.
  10. New Language Groups option available in the Page List/Page Settings.  Each page’s menu will only display menu items for pages in the same Language Group.  This will allow sites with multiple languages to quickly add new pages w/o needing to go through Display Options for every page afterward.
  11. New ECPay T-Cat Logistics Shipping Method for Taiwan users.
  12. Widget Search will now list widgets that have their name changed.
  13. Non-responsive Gallery widgets now can use quotes.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this minor downtime. We strive to ensure that these maintenance windows rarely occur, so please rest assured the process was deemed necessary to deliver the highest caliber of service.

Thank you for your patience.


For any questions, please contact our support lines or email

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