WebCenters Customer Feedback: 11/2 – 11/9

Our WebCenters team takes pride in our customer service. Every question and problem brought to us from customers is handled with care and precision. There is no problem that is too little or too big for us. It is our mission to leave every customer satisfied after seeking our help.

Every week, customers who used our technical support assistance program are asked to fill out a survey to rate their customer service experience. Customers are encouraged to be honest and leave feedback about how they were treated on the call by our tech support team and how we can improve. We wanted to share with you some of the reviews from the surveys we received this past week.

Customer Feedback: 11/2 – 11/9

“Very helpful & patient!”

“Whatever you pay her it is not enough. She is priceless. My site would not be what it is without her combined tech knowledge and ecstatic eye.”

“After listening to me to talk about the problem, I was taught how to operate it or the engineering unit to handle it. Even if I was a raw hand, I could easily get started, don’t panic, thank you very much.”

“Janette is so sweet and amazing to work with at all times. Thank you so very much!”

“Solve problems quickly, thanks”

“Service is very patient and professional. Thank you for your explanation. Help a lot”

“Stephanie was professional, kind and extremely willing to meet my needs. It was a complete pleasure working with her!”

“Andre is very helpful. He is very professional and is a great help.”

“He took the time to explain everything very kindly, so I’d understand.”

“Went quite far to create a great customer service experience for us, seeing what he could do to make this all happen the easiest way possible.”

“Sarah is delightful and very professional!”

“Allison is always so willing to help and so very nice.”

“Ashley was amazing! I love working with her, she is so patient, kind and knowledgeable! Thank you so much!”

“As always Allison was wonderful! She is so kind and patient. Plus, always goes out of her way to go to the extra mile to assist me. Thank you again so much!”

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