WebCenters Customer Feedback: 11/4 – 11/11

The importance of customer feedback cannot be understated. The feedback is how our WebCenters team makes enhancements and improvements to our products and service. Our team listens to and handles every complaint with diligence and patience because of its importance.

Every week, customers who used our technical support assistance program are asked to fill out a survey to rate their customer service experience. Customers are encouraged to be honest and leave feedback about how they were treated on the call by our tech support team and how we can improve. We wanted to share with you some of the reviews from the surveys we received this past week.

Here is what people are saying about our support team!

“Knows his stuff. Thank you Juan!”

“Kind, professional.”

“Sara approved the service and knowledge for me even very early in the morning. Thanks again maWebCenters over there! 24/7 for us.”

“Very enthusiastic.”

“Ashley was very courteous and helpful.”

“Kelly was very kind and handled my issue promptly.”

“Very detailed and very professional! Thank you for your assistance.”

“I am in the process of working with Ashley to update my website to use the new format. I have previously responded that my experience with her could not be better. That continues to be the case.”

“I would rate my experience with Stephanie as a very pleasant one and she explained everything to me. ”

“Allison was very helpful and professional. She is a very valuable asset to MA Webcenters in my opinion.”

“She was very reachable and understanding of our needs.”

“Ashley is very personable, explains things clearly, helpful. No complaints whatsoever.”

“Kelly is very professional and very helpful. Thank you very much.”

“He was very helpful and nonjudgmental.”

“She was great and answered my questions.”

“Tom is a fabulous customer service tech so thoughtful, patient and tries so hard to fix a difficult situation.”

“My current experience with Ashley could not be better. She is also available to me on an ongoing basis and is very familiar with my progress and how to help whenever I call or e-mail. If she is busy when I try to contact her she is very good at getting back to me. I really enjoy working with Ashley.”

“Very good working attitude and very considerate of each other.”

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