Customer Feedback: What Users Are Saying About WebCenter Support

One of the aspects that the maWebCenters team prioritizes is customer feedback. It is vital information that helps our team determine our strengths, weaknesses, and where we need to improve. This feedback is the fuel for our growth as a company.

As a whole, our WebCenters team takes pride in assisting our customers with technical support since we promote digital, online businesses. Our Tech Support assistance is what sets apart our company apart from the rest. We don’t treat each user as a number in a list of problems to fix. Instead, we treat each user as a person and cater to their individual needs.

Every week, customers who used our technical support assistance program are asked to fill out a survey to rate their customer service experience. Customers are encouraged to be honest and leave feedback about how they were treated on the call by our tech support team and how we can improve. We wanted to share with you some of the reviews from the surveys we received this past week.

“Very knowledgeable about the email campaigns. We were able to work through my issues.”

“She was very helpful in explaining how to make changes to my site. SHe is a wonderful asset to the webcenter.”

“I am pleased that your techs are not using too much ‘techie-talk’. I’ve let them know up front that I am less than a novice with computers. They’re very respectful and helpful.”

“Very professional, can immediately find customer problems and assist in handling!”

“He’s just great so helpful and full or patience. Nice to see when he isn’t sure he checks it out for verification.”

As you can see, we take such pride in our support team so much that we won’t stand for average. In fact, these reviews are positive, but we know we can do better. We will do better. We can assure you that if you join WebCenters, you will always be our priority.

For more on our support team, click here.


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