MA WebCenters Standard Hosting Price Updates

Below is an important announcement regarding our prices for standard hosting. Please read carefully and share with your teams and clients. Contact if you have any questions. We will happily answer them. Thank you.

We are very passionate about our product and all of the support we provide. Please know that we are constantly improving our product, support, and service in an effort to promote your success.

Maintenance Cost Increase

At the Breakout in Greensboro, we announced the increase to some of the service fees for your clients. Jason Pelland did a great job of explaining what these increases mean for your WebCenter business and we’ll be putting out some additional messaging and education around these increases in the coming weeks. Your client’s standard maintenance and management package is going from US$60 per month to US$79 on December 1st.

In the 17+ years that maWebCenters has been serving you, our costs have risen dramatically. Yet, we’ve only adjusted our rates once…ever! In this day and age of skyrocketing operating costs, we’d say a single rate increase over the course of 17+ years is something to be proud of. Now it is time to build for the future! maWebCenters is committed to reinvesting in our technology so we can continue to stay ahead of the pack and maintain our dominance in the marketplace.

For more than 17 years, maWebCenters has delivered leading-edge web tools to help grow and build business online. We are now in an era of exponentially increasing Internet activity. The rapid expansion of broadband Internet access and inexpensive cloud data storage has led to an explosion of online commerce with more sales, more research, and more people online for more time. These trends are expected to continue, especially with the growth of handheld devices, tablets, and smartphones. Worldwide Mobile eCommerce sales hit an astounding US$549 billion in 2017, up from US$429 billion in 2016. Maintaining a smart online presence is more important now, than ever before. Business owners know this, don’t you want to be the one that helps them get their business online?

We think it important to take a moment to share your maWebCenters platform most powerful features and briefly outline a few of the upgrades.

4.0 Platform Software improvements and upgrades:

The Original Cloud for data storage

Your sites continue to provide UNLIMITED data Storage where you can safely store and securely hold photos, videos, documents or any other critical website related digital data asset. Most companies charge for storage and have tiered pricing for increased storage.  maWebCenters is UNLIMITED

FREE 24/7 Customer Care and Technical Support

Whether your issue requires 5 minutes or 5 hours of our teams time, we will spend as much time with you as necessary to satisfy your needs and help you bring your vision of your Web presence to fruition. We offer UNPARALLELED Customer and Technical Support, which goes far beyond ChatBots, Forums, and user-based Q & A.

Responsive sites for ALL Smartphones, Tablets, and computers

Our Responsive Web Sites automatically adjust their usability and width no matter whether a visitor is using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The result is that there is no longer a need to create separate sites for PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. A single site can be created, enhanced and updated. Concerns about keeping PC and mobile sites updated and looking consistent are eliminated. Instead, your customers can spend their time focusing on their business.

Email Marketing System to drive business to your site

Clients can customize the mobile-friendly email template of their choice with their colors, logos, and images. Then, send their email and track the results in their Campaign manager. They can track important metrics; who opened it, what links were clicked and even if it was shared or if they picked up new followers on social media. Other companies either do not offer email marketing services, where clients need to identify an email marketing vendor incurring other marketing costs. Or if they are available, it is an upgraded charge.

SEO Search Engine Optimization – Bigger Online Footprint

Our best of breed solution provides the tools to improve rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. Your clients can optimize their web presence and increase their Search Engine Results Page rank. SEO specialists where clients can call in and get real-time, best-practices to improve their search ranking!

Additional Secure Widgets included, such as:

Photo galleries and slideshows

You’ll be impressed with the ease of use in setting up a dynamic photo gallery or slide-show to showcase your clients business, products or services.

Advanced Calendar Appointment Reservation Scheduling

End users can schedule appointments or reservations with your clients business all online, without ever having to contact them.

Support for Blogger and WordPress blogs

If your clients have a pre-existing Blogger or WordPress blog and would like to incorporate it into their site, we’ve got just the tool for them. They’re able to pull all of the content from their blog and have it displayed nicely on their Web site.

Mobile friendly Streaming Video

Clients can upload their videos in virtually any format and our platform will encode the video to a user-friendly format and stream it for them at no additional cost.

User/Group permissions

No need to share accounts, your clients can create as many as they wish free of charge on our platform.

Edit on a tablet or mobile device

Tablets and mobile are the fastest growing market segment in the tech sector. We recognized this early on, so we’ve optimized our tools to allow your clients to edit their web presence on their favorite tablet or mobile device.

Website Effects

Sometimes a great looking website just isn’t enough for everyone. Some users want their content to really POP! So we created a way to incorporate dynamic animations that you can apply to the content on your client’s sites. These animations can be customized to make things fly onto or out of the page, fade in/out, expand, bounce…etc. These fun and eye-catching features are an easy way to spruce up your site and as usual, no programming knowledge necessary.

eCommerce Plugins

Our eCommerce platform is one of the best on the market but we couldn’t stop there. We wanted to make it even more robust and comprehensive for our diverse customer base. So we’ve added over 20 new plugins and features to our eCommerce platform. Some standouts include 360 product images, and selling on Facebook.

Font Awesome Icons

Ability to add over 600+ icons to your client’s site. Great for icons on bullet points, section headers, etc.

Target = Lightbox

Any link within your client sites you wish to showcase (image, page, PDF, video, etc.) can be set to open in a nice, tidy lightbox.

UI(User Interface) Usability, Simple mode and Speed improvements

We are diligently working on improvements to speed up the editing, publishing and navigation components of the platform. The UI upgrades we are working on will make your software solution even more user friendly. Get ready for more screen real estate to edit sites and easier access to advanced editing properties. We’ve even developed a simple mode that’s geared towards the novice user that isn’t interested in digging into the more advanced functionality of the platform.

As you can see, we’ve been very busy improving upon your maWebCenters solution. Staying on the cutting edge is important to us and more importantly, it’s vital to you and the success of your WebCenter business. Your success is important to us, that’s why we continue to implement new features and services to improve your platform’s capabilities.

What’s coming soon for your website clients?

Remember, we offer a simplified digital marketing strategy for your clients and not just a website!  We offer your clients the most up-to-date relevant information, tools, and resources to improve their digital marketing and online presence.  From tips to rank higher in search engines to improving their social media marketing efforts to helping them identify and better manage their online reputation, your clients are getting agency-level information included with our platform!

Access to important information and tools to assist with managing their digital marketing are here at maWebCenters.  We’re offering “How To…” training and tutorials for your clients that when implemented will result in increased revenues, decreased expenses, and streamlined business practices.  We are in the process of creating execution plans and industry-specific marketing campaigns that will take their online marketing to new heights.  We offer so much more than just websites and hosting.

A client can get a website and host it for cheap at a variety of vendors these days, but in order to have an effective online marketing strategy, it would cost them thousands in additional tools and resources.  We provide many of these tools and resources at no additional cost.  So with a slight increase, we will continue to promote and offer true VALUE to our clients.  We remain not only competitive but superior.

As always, maWebCenters experts are always on and available to help you leverage your site tools to grow your WebCenter business. We encourage you to contact our dedicated team for more information or for any other reason at

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