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More than ever contractors need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. With consumers plugged in more than ever and searching for relevant information on their mobile devices, contractors need to have visibility in mobile search and social media. While most contractors acquire their customers through word-of-mouth referrals, a social media and email marketing engagement strategy is necessary as well.

In this article we will discuss how a contracting business can develop a strategy for their growth, retention, and success. However, while a strategy may be in place, managing this strategy can be a potential challenge depending on the size of the business. With human resources tied to operations, contractors need the tools, technology resources, and support to keep this digital marketing strategy going. Below we have outlined some of the key aspects of digital marketing that can make the biggest impact on a contracting business.


Having a dynamic and responsive website should be at the centerpoint of a contractor’s digital marketing strategy. The website should be updated regularly (quarterly or seasonally) to reflect changes in the business, changes in services offered, as well as, highlight featured projects that have been completed. Galleries with before and after photos and lifestyle shots should be an important focus on the website. With consumers being more engaged in visual content than text, it can help in their research and buying decisions. Top pages to feature on your website would include an explanation of services offered, experience levels, education, certificates, and licenses that are held. You should also highlight resources and articles related to your trade, have online forms. Featuring awards, recognition, and testimonials or reviews from happy clients is also very important to showcase.

If applicable, a quote request form or feedback form may help generate leads, as well as reduce the amount of time taking inbound calls. Depending on the type of contracting business, contractors may have the ability to offer online scheduling to book their own appointments. Lastly, the website can also be used to help streamline business practices, such as, invoicing and taking payment through an e-commerce solution. Reducing the time it takes to manage a business, should be a major consideration when looking at your website. For mobile users, having a click-to-call feature can increase business calls for those looking for your service with a sense of urgency.  Once you have existing clients, communicating with them consistently can improve retention and build long-term relationships.  Having the availability to add customers to an email newsletter and links to your social media channels on your website should be strong considerations in your comprehensive plan.

Does your site have an up-to-date photo gallery reflective of your work? Do you have photos of your crew working on recent projects? Do you have happy clients and customers with testimonials and reviews on your site? Many customers also turn to a website for frequently asked questions.These are all important things to consider for your website.  

Maintaining and managing your website content then becomes the challenge most contractors face.  When working with a traditional web developer, it may become cost-prohibitive, and working with a do-it-yourself discount host provider, then takes time, energy, and know-how to continue to keep things fresh, updated, and relevant.  By using a professional service that can assist in keeping your site updated, you save time but also don’t sacrifice your brand or market positioning.


Having a business website is irrelevant if prospective clients and customers can’t find you. When people are researching for a service, they turn to search. However, people don’t search to search, they search to find.  They want their question answered as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether they are looking for contact information, such as a phone number or website, or they are looking for a quote to have a project completed, customers use search all day long. Statistics show that more people are turning to their mobile devices to utilize search. But did you know that search results take into consideration websites that are not mobile-friendly or responsive? Therefore, having a mobile-optimized or responsive website is critically important to your search results.

Having a high search rank should be the second highest priority for your business besides showcasing your brand with your business website. Users very seldomly look beyond page two in search results. Therefore, search engine ranking is highly competitive. Local, regional, and mobile search is important, in order to win more business. Having your services and geographies as keywords are important to note in your Page Titles and Page Descriptions of your website. However your website isn’t the only thing important in your search strategy. Listings, reviews, and your online reputation are also considered in the search engine algorithms that rank websites.

Is your business showing up in search? Are you listed in search results for the services you provide in a given area? Where does your competition rank compared to you?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a result of your website construction, website content, and off-site information such as the information located on other websites. While the process of ranking in the natural or organic section of search results page may take some time, there are other ways to show up in search. Perhaps one of the greatest tools to contractors can utilize is Google AdWords. Search engine marketing (SEM) is a way that you can pay for traffic to your website. While it does not cost you money to appear in the search results, you pay per click to your website. With Google being the number one website for search and mobile search, it makes sense to discuss this high performing marketing strategy. Managing a Google AdWords program May be worth consideration if you’re looking for quick results or just need some assistance marketing your products, services, and traffic to your website.


It’s a fact that the world has gone social. However, many contractors have yet to take advantage of social media channels. The challenge is that it is a time-consuming task to, not only post on your company’s behalf, feature projects you are working on, but also engage with your follower’s and provide feedback. Social media management is an important aspect of your strategy, because most contractors would admit that their number one source of revenue is generated through word-of-mouth referrals. Think of social media as a digital version of word of mouth.
Where are you currently located on social media and what social channels are you currently using? Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram maybe great social sites to drive business awareness. For those already leveraging social media basics, a next step may be to provide informational videos and how-to videos on a YouTube channel or engage using Facebook Live.


If you’re looking to increase your Facebook audience or traffic to your website, Facebook advertising is another pay for performance option. By utilizing Facebook targeted demographic profile information, you can be sure that your message gets in front of the right audience and the right time to have the conversation. Billions of people are on Facebook, so you can be sure that you can have there’s an audience for you. With this ad platform, you get to determine your reach and other vital details to get your campaign started. So could you benefit from increased exposure? Do you want to grow engagement on your Facebook page? Then Facebook advertising is for you.


A big part of digital marketing is having an internet presence in many locations, including listing sites. Having a website Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and a website is a great start. Being found on search engines is important as well. However, where else is your company listed? There are thousands of listing and review sites on the Internet today. Many of these sites appear in the first page of search results of Google because of the amount of traffic and links on their sites. Have you checked your company listings? Claiming your business listing is vitally important, as many listings have been found to have misinformation, offering the wrong contact phone number, website, or incorrect business details. Beyond just business information, many of these sites also offer client reviews.  Having a strong presence on review sites is a way to further drive inbound leads, as 88% Consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 72% said that positive reviews make them trust a local business.

How is your business rated and what is your online reputation? Looking at your overall internet reputation is an on-going process. Whether it is a social media post, an online review, or contact information, it is important for contractors to stay on top of these items. Online reputation management is a service that keeps you aware of such items. Web directories and sites, such as Yelp, Angie’s List, home advisor, and can play a big part in your comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


It’s evident that contractors need a digital marketing strategy that encourages being found online, being part of the social conversation, leveraging listing sites and reviews, but also visually featuring their work. When all of these pieces of the puzzle are in place, there is much better picture to showcase your story.. Attracting, acquiring, and engaging customers is the long-term win for any businesses, contractors included.

Therefore, it is recommended to have a responsive website that is hosted, managed, and maintained, be highly visible in search results, and engaged with your community through social and review sites. Be found, be seen, be heard, and work with a company that can provide you online solutions for growth and retention. For a free consultation please contact us so we can assess your current situation and provide detailed information on how your business can leverage digital marketing.


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