We recently came across an article written by Maggie Holbik that we couldn’t wait to share.  Take a look at what Maggie had to say about trends in online marketing and how it could impact your local business.

Hand holding mobile with Order food with blur restaurant background, Order food onine business concept.“Smart marketers would be wise to see the writing on the online wall” Maggie Holbik

Recently I had written about tapping into the massive Online Retail market and how Incentivized Shopping is the new wave. It is happening and it is happening at record speed!

Yesterday I opened my email and thought to myself “Yep, just as I have predicted”. There in my inbox was an incentivized Boston Pizza e-girt card offer. I have stated in the past that shoppers are becoming very, very, savvy at finding discounts and stacking savings.  Gone are the days of clipping coupons… now it’s ‘Click & Save’.

The newest market starting to get into the game, is the Restaurant Industry… or at least they should be.

I personally foresee the day very soon, when consumers will first search online to find incentives and reasons to dine at a restaurant. They will and already are, looking to find Gift Cards, Promos, and Discounts at their favorite places though various online websites. They want to stack the points from their credit card to purchase the promos, gift cards etc. Plus they want a REASON or a PERK to walk in that door.

Smart marketers would be wise to see the writing on the online wall. They need to have an internet presence and they need to be marketing to their customers and potential customers through the internet.  They must realize that not only are the online reviews, maps, restaurant location and hours important, but Incentivizing their potential customer is going to become KEY!

I believe this applies to gift cards in general too… but that’s another post.

For the Business Owners out there in the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry this can be a very exciting time!

“Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers, and business.” -Mark Sanborn

Thank you Maggie, we completely agree!