Add Custom Fonts & Google Fonts to Your Oasis Site

Google & Custom fonts capability enables you to easily add fonts to any new site. With endless font possibilities, you can add brand-specific typography to emphasize and attract more visitors to read the site content.

*This feature is not currently available for sites built prior to  January 21, 2021. We hope to have an update to this as soon as possible for existing Oasis clients.


Importance of Custom Fonts

Site typography has a huge impact on site visitors. At a glance, the fonts you use convey the mood and tone of the site, anything from casual and playful to serious and exclusive.

With your new Add & Manage Fonts capability, you can upload an unlimited number of fonts to your site, including any Google font and any custom font that you have the rights to use.

The font upload process is quick and easy, and once a font has been added, it’s accessible in every text element on the site, as well as in the Global fonts.

The number of default fonts automatically loaded to each site has been reduced, so the editor loads faster!


Tips to Consider

  • Use only 2-3 fonts in your website. Too many font types can be distracting and unattractive. Use a single font for paragraphs and general texts; use no more than two fonts for titles. We recommend adding them to the global design so it will be consistent throughout the entire site.
  • Whatever fonts you choose, make sure they are easy to read. Nothing is more frustrating for a site visitor than having to make an effort to read what’s written on a site. So make sure your fonts are big enough and clear enough. And make that the contrast between the background and the text is distinct enough so it will be easy to read. Keep mobile in mind!
  • Serif fonts tend to be more serious; san serif Sans serif ones tend to be more relaxed. Serif fonts have little feet attached to the ends of the letters and tend to look more formal. Sans serif fonts don’t have the little feet on the ends of the letters and they tend to look more contemporary.

Great Font Resources

If you’re just getting started with fonts and typography, here’s an excellent beginner’s guide from Google. For more advanced reading, see this.

To explore the huge range of fonts available to you through Google, go directly to Google Fonts.

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