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shutterstock_379689073-copyOne of the most common questions we hear from our customers is “How can I make my website better and more appealing to customers?” Whether it comes from our long term customers just looking to improve their website or a brand new customer just getting started with us, the answer is content.  Quality content can help to make your website stand out from your competition, both to potentially customers as well as Google.

A website that contains a large volume of information about its products and services can inspire confidence in consumers. This makes them far more likely to purchase from you than from a competitor.   In browsing the internet for the best deals on products we have all come across a website that appears on the surface to  have what we need. However the website may look dated, or  lacks vital information about the product. The product picture may be right, but without a product description or other vital information you are left wondering if that product is really the one you want. If the site appears very old, infrequently updated, or has very little other information the customer is left without confidence the company will be able to deliver the product as described. Many people faced with this reality would choose another website to purchase from, even if the product costs a bit more.

The good news is that you, or someone in your organization is often the best source to generate that content. You know your product.  As a business owner you chose to make your product your livelihood and know far more about it than the average consumer. Throughout your time as a business professional you have likely fielded any number of questions from potential customers about your products. You may think that talking about your product is boring, or that none of your customers would ever care about that information. The reality is the complete opposite.

Modern customers are educated. They want to know as much as they can about the product. While they may not want to know one particular piece of information right now, they want to know that information is out there. They want to know if they have questions about your product you can answer them. A customer seeing a large amount of information on a product may skim to make sure you have the right size, or use a certain material, or to see if any other information is available. In skimming through your content they gain confidence in you as a seller, the more knowledge you display to them about your product. If they are reassured you know your product, they feel more confident purchasing from you.

Finally content is one of the best ways to increase your exposure on Google by improving your search results. Outside of Ads, Google’s business is to serve users quality search results.  By serving quality results people come back to Google, and continue to use it to find what they need. Google’s ability to continually refine their system to provide meaningful results is what has caused their business to thrive.

In the old days keywords were used to tell Google what is important on your page. People abused this by including any number of keywords and phrases on their page that had nothing to do with their product just to attract visitors.  Google has responded by ignoring the keywords provided by clients and instead generates what it believes your keywords to be by examining both the underlying code of your web page and looking at your content.

Beyond just generating what it believes your keywords to be from your content, Google scans your content. There is a positive correlation between well written content and Google rankings. When your website contains a large amount of a content about a topic Google feels more confident in serving your page as a result over competitors that have much less information about your product. Google wants the websites they serve as search results to be topical, up to date, and exactly what their users are looking for.

For those seeking advice on what to write just imagine you are selling someone your product. What is a new customer likely to ask, and what do they need to know? Who are the primary customers of your products or services? Why do they want or need them? What makes your product or service special? If the answer is you, then talk about yourself. Talk about your years of experience, your training, and other qualities that set you apart.

For our busy customers with no time to write, or customers who have trouble generating content, maWebcenters is happy to offer access to our onstaff copywriters.  They will work with you to generate up to 500 words of original content, for a nominal fee.  Once you have begun to generate content our 24/7 technical support can work with you to add it to your website.

Quality original content helps you grow your business by increasing user confidence, providing a better user experience, and giving Google confidence in your credibility.


By: Brian Mosich, Lead Copywriter







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