5 Tips for Awesome Ecommerce

3D Man jumping across the problem to his successful goalWith global B2C eCommerce sales to hit $1.5 Trillion this year,  your business should position itself to get a piece of that pie.   Check out our 5 tips for optimizing your eCommerce site for best results:

  1. Photography: First and Ongoing Impressions
    It’s the first thing your visitor sees and part of how they investigate your product.
    Photos should be high quality, include multiple angles and be able to zoom and pan.
  2. Descriptions: It’s in the details
    Will your visitors feel clear on the product they are buying or is there too much left unanswered.  The best descriptions are 75-200 words and also provide important information about shipping, weight, size and other relevant specifications.
  3. Transparency: No hidden Print
    Having your contact information, shipping policies, return policies, FAQs and other important information will help your customer to make a confident decision as well as cut down on your customer service inquiries.
  4. Customer Reviews: 3rd Party Validation
    According to Bright Local, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Does your website solution allow consumers to leave reviews?
  5. Social Strategy: Promotion, Viral, Service
    A good social strategy can help you to interact with your customers, create brand loyalty, participate in online “word of mouth advertising” and even provide a new social customer service opportunity.

Posted by: Sarah Rose Stack

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