Design tips & tricks for Contractors

After working several folks in the industry, Ray Yedman has a few tips and tricks to share to make your website pop.

Keep it authentic… What I mean by that is most of these businesses are Mom & Pop, etc. Even if they’re larger (I’ve got one that does more than $50million/yr) in size it doesn’t matter. Using authentic content, images in particular are huge.
“Familiar faces” used on the site is very inviting to a visitor/user of the site.  More importantly, it’s great for referrals.

Less is More
When it comes to actual content on the dedicated pages, less is more. Text is one thing and I know Google has their criteria for optimization, but even when it comes to a “visual” contractor, say a Landscaper for example…
Most viewers won’t skim through tons of images… They look at a few and either think the company does great work, or not, then they contact them or not based on the “quick review”. Present the appetizer, but not the entrée…

The layout is critical
Most visitors have an idea of what they’re looking for… quick, to the point navigation with corresponding content is paramount.
Menu items should be dedicated pages for the offered services as an example. (This also helps with organic SEO)

Besides collecting normal contact info, name, phone, email, etc…
I have been suggesting to clients to have a dropdown (if they provide multiple services) of the service/product inquiry
Then always a comment box so this way the potential customer/client can type away until their hearts content with information to better help the service provider when they contact them back.
Feedback and Testimonial Forms are HUGE…. Contractors of EVERY Kind live and die by reviews and testimonials…
(Angies List, Yelp, etc…) These platforms live off of recommended companies with great reviews, right?

Email Marketing
You know as well as I do, when this is done right, done strategically, it works!  Discounts, Specials, News, Promos, etc… The clients I have that are using email marketing, are doing great with it! Particularly when an incentive of any kind is being emailed out… Referral incentive etc… We’ve had great success with.

By: Ray Yedman

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