Success in 2015!

Icon Flat UI designs for business briefingAs you prepare for 2015, here are a few of the top small business marketing trends for 2015 to consider:

  • Responsive Design: Scalable websites that automatically adjust their usability based on whether the visitor is using a PC, tablet or smartphone.  Search engine optimization concerns are eliminated.  Mobile websites are out – Responsive is in.
  • Ditch the Menu Bar:  One page scroll websites are becoming increasingly popular, largely due to their ability to story-tell and bypass poorly designed navigation.
  • Richer and Brighter Design:  More beautiful and interactive backgrounds are coming to 2015.  In addition, look for higher resolution color with more depth.
  • Strong Online Branding: More small businesses are taking advantage of multiple platforms for bigger reach and better branding.  Email marketing, Social Media, Better Design and Better User Interactivity are no longer reserved for just “big business”.  More small business owners will be taking their online strategy from small or non-existent to full functioning in 2015.

By: Sarah Rose Stack

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